Building a house in Ibiza: The Definitive Guide

Building a house in Ibiza: The Definitive Guide

Embark on Your Ibiza Construction Journey with Confidence: Crucial Insights for 2023

1. Start Construction in Ibiza with Confidence: 4 Key Points

Are you ready to transform your Ibiza dream into reality? Whether searching for the perfect property or maximizing financial potential, building your villa can be the answer. Navigate the complexities with these crucial points, ensuring a 90% success rate:

  • A Good Technical Architect: Ensure legal compliance and proper licensing with a skilled technical architect overseeing construction works.
  • Solid Contracts: Craft a detailed contract with the construction company, defining product details and costs, including essential elements often overlooked.
  • A Smart Tax Advisor: Formulate a robust tax strategy by combining an international tax lawyer and a local tax and property lawyer, establishing the right tax vehicle for your project.
  • An Eye for Design: Capture the essence of modern Ibiza living by incorporating eco-friendly, natural, pastel, and wood elements, aligning with evolving global trends.

2. A Typical Construction P&L in Ibiza

Traditionally, investors sought a 1-1-1 value ratio—33.33% for land, construction costs, and profit. However, with evolving market dynamics, the focus now shifts to a profit range of 20-25%. Explore customizable Profit and Loss scenarios, priced from €2,500 to €3,500 per m2, reflecting today’s costs and market values.

3. Location is Key!

Choose building qualities wisely, whether in sought-after spots like Talamanca, Vista Alegre, or Es Cubells or a residential area. Research the neighborhood, consider the property‘s purpose (second home, tourist license speculation, or long-term residence), and balance creativity with smart investing.

4. Buying Land with or Without a Building License?

Time is a valuable asset. Optimize your new property journey by considering land with existing building licenses. While these licenses may take 1-3 years to secure, choosing a plot with town hall-approved projects or immediate building approval can significantly expedite your property enjoyment within two years.

In Conclusion,

Building your Ibiza house is an investment in a vibrant future and cherished memories. Dedicate time to meticulous contracts and project planning, ensuring your dream property exceeds expectations.

Invest wisely, build thoughtfully, and let your Ibiza haven be the epitome of your aspirations!

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